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Buckingham Palace Announces King Charles III’s Cancer Diagnosis 3 / 3

The palace conveyed that despite his diagnosis, the king maintains an optimistic outlook and eagerly anticipates resuming his complete public responsibilities at the earliest opportunity


According to Buckingham Palace, King Charles III has recently been diagnosed with a form of cancer and has commenced treatment. This news comes just a week after his discharge from the hospital following prostate surgery. In response to the announcement, Prince Harry, the king’s estranged son, expressed his intention to visit his father after discussing the diagnosis with him.

The younger son, residing in California with his wife Meghan, conveyed his plans to travel to the UK to see his father in the coming days, as reported by a source close to Prince Harry to the PA news agency.

King Charles III, who ascended the throne upon the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022, has generally enjoyed good health, aside from injuries sustained during activities such as polo and skiing.

During his recent hospitalization for benign prostate enlargement surgery, a separate health concern was identified, leading to further diagnostic tests revealing the presence of cancer. The palace statement mentioned that the king has initiated treatment, although specifics regarding the type and severity of the cancer were not disclosed.

Despite his health challenges, the king remains optimistic and is eager to resume his full public duties. However, he has been advised by medical professionals to postpone public engagements for the time being, though he will continue to handle state affairs and official paperwork as usual.

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The decision to share his cancer diagnosis was made by King Charles III to prevent speculation and to provide insight into the experience for those worldwide affected by cancer.

Well-wishes for King Charles III’s swift recovery flooded in following the announcement from Buckingham Palace. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Leader of the Opposition Keir Starmer were among those expressing their support and hope for his quick recuperation.

This diagnosis extends the absence of key members of the royal family due to health issues, including King Charles III’s prostate surgery and the hospitalization of Catherine, Princess of Wales, wife of Prince William. Catherine recently underwent abdominal surgery at the same hospital where the king was treated and is expected to return to public duties in late March. In the meantime, her husband Prince William has temporarily reduced his engagements to assist in caring for their three children.

As a result of these health challenges, Queen Camilla, King Charles III’s wife, has taken on a more prominent role in representing the royal family. Prince William is anticipated to resume his royal duties this week. It’s important to note that Catherine’s medical condition is unrelated to cancer, as clarified by Kensington Palace during her hospitalization.