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CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) appeals for Nigerians’ patience amidst fuel subsidy removal, urging understanding for Tinubu’s decision.

CAN Urges Nigerians to Show Patience with President Tinubu Amid Fuel Subsidy Removal

In the wake of the fuel subsidy removal policy that has led to hardship across the nation, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has called on Nigerians to demonstrate patience and understanding with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Bishop Stephen Adegbite, the chairman of CAN’s Lagos Chapter, made this plea during a press conference in Abuja.

The protest against the fuel subsidy removal, organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress and other labor unions, gained momentum across the country. However, following a meeting with President Tinubu, the NLC suspended its strike action.

Addressing the economic challenges confronting Nigerians, Bishop Adegbite emphasized the need for patience and calm during these trying times. He shared the belief that better days are ahead, as President Tinubu has reassured the nation. Bishop Adegbite described President Tinubu as a compassionate individual, stating that he has been known for his empathy towards those facing hardships.

“We have to endure for now; Mr. President has assured us that there are better days ahead, and by the special grace of God, in another six months, Nigeria will sing a new song, Nigeria will be delivered,” said the CAN chairman. “Mr. President is a very compassionate individual; we have known this for more than 27 years. Even as an individual, he does not like people suffering around him.”

With CAN’s call for patience and support for President Tinubu, they hope to foster a sense of hope and optimism as the nation faces the challenges brought on by the fuel subsidy removal.

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