Does Kiss Daniel’s “Yeba” Promote Sexual Assault As The Internet Claims?

A certain news has been making the rounds on social media claiming that the song “Yeba” by former G-Worldwide superstar, Kiss Daniel promotes sexual assault.

While we have different songs in the Nigerian music industry with a great tendency of doing that, talking about Kiss Daniel’s Yeba is really surprising, even though we have different perceptions.

According to this Twitter handle;

This “molestey” and rapey” theme given to Kiss Daniel’s song got affirmative nods from other women who expressed their disappointment in such line(s) infused by the artiste whom they all love.

This was a shocking knowledge because if the lines of the song about consent and apology didn’t show us what the song is about, the video is clear enough to further explain.

It is no rocket science to figure out that this song is pro-consent. It clearly shows what happens when you act without consent and also teaches men to apologize when they are found wanting in scenarios like this.

Did Kiss Daniel make fun of this? Although his approach was not as firm as most would’ve loved, we should also understand that this song is a playful danceable song, nothing so deep and in such playful manner, the lines were delivered the way they should, expecting everyone to understand that touching a woman without consent can face an unpleasant end (from the video) and her disagreement (from the audio). He kept the vibe of the video intact while delivering such message.

Kiss Daniel who stumbled on this tweet replied saying;

‘D song teaches our ladies to speak out against wat they haven’t consented 2 nd 4 d men to realise dat if a lady says No, No means No. Apologise nd don’t go further, hence d reply by d guy…”sorry madam” D fact dat a lady agrees 2 dance wit u doesn’t translate 2 sexual consent’

Some people were against him responding, saying he shouldn’t have responded to the concerns created by “Shudderers”(their words not mine), but I think this only shows that Kiss Daniel is just an artiste who cares about his fans enough to ensure that they don’t start believing he is in support of the abusive culture of some men. It is clear what Yeba is about from Kiss Daniel’s explanation, how we now interpret it afterwards is as a result of who we are.

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But let us also not forget the playful personality known as Kiss Daniel who has made us laugh from his Instagram videos to entertaining us with his songs.

But what do you think about this? Do tell us!

Stay. Woke.