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Easter: Osinbajo Preaches ‘Salvation’ From Aso Villa Chapel

A file photo of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo
The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has asked Nigerians to take advantage of the gift of salvation made available to all by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
He made the appeal while delivering a sermon on Sunday at the Aso Villa Chapel in Abuja, on the occasion of Easter.
Professor Osinbajo stated that just like the criminal crucified along with Jesus was saved, it was never too late to receive forgiveness for sin and the ultimate gift of salvation.
He said, “Physically, His (Jesus) cross was between the crosses of those two thieves but spiritually, His cross was between their destinies – whether heaven or hell.
“Today, His cross still stands between us; an everlasting fire. He is the mediator between man and God. He came not to condemn but to save.”
“And He has already paid in full for all of our sins. Once we accept him as Lord and Saviour, we exchange our sinful selves for his holiness so that when God sees us, all He sees is the holiness of His Son,” the Vice President added.
According to him, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that the human race is saved by grace and not of works.
Professor Osinbajo stressed that salvation remains a gift and not a reward, saying there is no process required.
“The power of Jesus Christ to instantly forgive and make holy, there is no process required.
“He said ‘today, you will be with me in paradise. Today your name enters the book of life’. Salvation is a gift, it is not a reward,” said the Vice President.
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