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Edeoga Condemns Enugu Traders’ Killing, Calls for Police Caution During Protests

Chijioke Edeoga, the Labour Party governorship candidate in the 2023 general elections in Enugu state, has strongly condemned the killing of protesting traders at Ogbete market in Enugu on Wednesday. He expressed his dismay over the use of high-handed tactics by security agencies and the tragic loss of innocent lives during the protest.

Reacting to the demonstration that erupted in Enugu due to the sealing of shops and business centers by the Governor Peter Mbah-led administration for their failure to open during the Sit-at-home exercise on Monday, Edeoga emphasized that peaceful protest is a fundamental right of every citizen, protected by the constitution. He considered the situation unfortunate and believed that such a development could have been avoided with better handling.

In a statement on his verified Twitter handle, Edeoga called upon security agencies to engage protesters in a more civil manner to prevent any breakdown of law and order in the state. He stressed that human life is sacred and must be treated with utmost respect and care.

The incident at Ogbete market was indeed sad and avoidable, and Edeoga’s appeal aimed to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future. He advocated for a more respectful and constructive approach to handling protests to uphold the rights of citizens while maintaining peace and order in the state.

In conclusion, Chijioke Edeoga’s condemnation of the traders’ killing and his call for a more civil engagement with protesters underscores his commitment to protecting human rights and maintaining peace in Enugu state. His remarks on Twitter reflect his concern for the tragic loss of life and his desire to see a more compassionate and responsible approach from security agencies during protests.

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