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Enugu Governor-elect, Mbah, files lawsuit against NYSC, seeks N20bn for alleged fraudulent misrepresentation of facts



Governor-elect of Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah, has filed a lawsuit against the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and its Director, Corps Certification, Ibrahim Muhammad, alleging conspiracy, deceit, and misrepresentation of facts. Mbah is seeking N20 billion in general and exemplary damages from the Defendants. In addition, he is requesting a declaration that he participated in the NYSC scheme for one year and was issued certificate of National Service No. A808297.

The lawsuit also seeks declarations that the Defendants conspired and misrepresented facts regarding Mbah’s certificate of National Service, that they were negligent and malicious in their actions, and that their predominant purpose was to unlawfully profit themselves. Mbah is also requesting an order confirming the authenticity of his certificate and a perpetual injunction preventing the Defendants from disclaiming or repudiating it.

The lawsuit follows an order of interim injunction granted by Justice Inyang Ekwo, which restrains the Defendants from issuing or publishing a disclaimer regarding Mbah’s NYSC certificate. The court order will remain in effect pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice in the lawsuit.

In support of the lawsuit, an affidavit was filed by Grace Udeagha, a legal practitioner representing Mbah. The affidavit provides details of Mbah’s participation in the NYSC program, stating that he completed his law degree in the UK in 2000 and subsequently applied and was admitted to the Nigerian Law School. Due to the waiting period for the Bar Part II program, Mbah was advised to proceed with the one-year NYSC program. He was deployed to Lagos State and received a call-up letter and reference numbers.

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During his NYSC program, Mbah was offered admission to the Nigerian Law School’s Bar Part II program. He applied for deferment of his NYSC service and received approval from the NYSC Directorate headquarters. After completing his Bar Final exams, Mbah applied for re-mobilization, and the National Directorate headquarters reinstated him to continue his service from where he left off.

Upon completion of his NYSC service, Mbah received a certificate of National Service dated January 6, 2003, certifying his completion of one year of NYSC from January 7, 2002, to January 6, 2003.

The lawsuit seeks to establish the authenticity of Mbah’s certificate and hold the Defendants accountable for their alleged fraudulent misrepresentation of facts.