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Immigration to Expand Passport Offices in Lagos, Cautions Against Racketeering

Nigerian Immigration Services to Establish More Passport Offices in Lagos, Issues Warning Against Racketeering

The Acting Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Services, Caroline Adepoju, announced on Sunday that additional passport offices would be established in Lagos state to accommodate the high population of Nigerians and passport applicants in the region. Adepoju also emphasized the need for immigration officers to uphold professionalism and refrain from engaging in passport racketeering, cautioning that any officers found guilty of misconduct would face appropriate sanctions.

During a parade at the Ikoyi passport office, Adepoju stressed the importance of adhering to proper passport processing procedures and maintaining border security. She urged all passport offices, under the supervision of passport control officers, to provide prompt and respectful service to applicants. Adepoju emphasized the significance of avoiding delays or subjecting applicants or Nigerians to any form of mistreatment or burdensome tasks.

Adepoju’s decision to focus on personnel welfare and passport-related issues was prompted by numerous complaints received from both Nigerian citizens and immigration service personnel. To address the passport-related challenges, the establishment of additional passport point offices, particularly in high-population areas like Lagos, was identified as a priority.

Deputy Comptroller Sanni Jega, the Passport Control Officer, echoed the message by emphasizing that applicants should not engage with touts and instead complete their passport applications independently by utilizing the online platform. Jega also reassured the public that there was no shortage of passport booklets, dispelling any concerns of scarcity.

The move to establish more passport offices in Lagos aims to improve accessibility and convenience for Nigerians seeking passport services. By addressing issues of personnel conduct and ensuring efficient service delivery, the Nigerian Immigration Services intends to enhance the overall passport application experience and maintain the integrity of the process.

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As the new passport offices are established and operationalized, it is expected that the burden on existing facilities will be alleviated, leading to smoother processes and reduced waiting times. The public’s compliance with online application procedures and avoidance of unauthorized intermediaries will contribute to a more streamlined and efficient passport application system.

By prioritizing professionalism and customer service, the Nigerian Immigration Services aims to instill confidence in the public and eliminate the prevalence of passport racketeering, ultimately ensuring a fair and transparent passport application process for all Nigerian citizens.