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NCC warns traders about potential risks from phone calls and apps.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed numerous online fraud methods that can defraud traders and the general public.

Traders have been cautioned by the commission to be cautious of various online strategies that target them for fraudulent activities.

These revelations were made by the commission during its telecom consumers sensitization program, titled “Shine Your Eyes- No Fall Mugu,” which took place on Thursday.

The event took place at the Araromi spare parts market in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. It was attended by market leaders, NCC officials, representatives from telecoms providers, security agencies, and journalists.

During the event, Mr. Banji Ojo, the Head of Consumer Affairs Bureau of NCC, addressed the traders and emphasized the various ways people can be defrauded online or through telephone conversations. He urged the traders to exercise caution when downloading applications and communicating with others online. Mr. Ojo highlighted the need for such sensitization due to the increasing incidents of fraudulent activities perpetrated by hackers and fraudsters targeting the public.

He advised against opening unfamiliar applications and sharing passwords, even with family members. He emphasized the importance of not sharing personal information with untrusted individuals online. Mr. Ojo also warned against disclosing bank details over the phone, as reputable banks do not make such requests.

Olanrewaju Maruf Ishola, the President of the Ibadan Motor Parts Dealers Association, expressed gratitude to the NCC for organizing the informative program. He commended the high attendance of market participants and acknowledged the value of the program in increasing awareness and knowledge. He further expressed the association’s desire for more programs of a similar nature in the future.

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