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Governor Namadi Takes Decisive Action: Dismisses Board Members and Heads of MDAs

Jigawa State Governor, Malam Umar Namadi, has taken decisive action by dismissing all Chairmen, Board members, and Chief Executives of parastatals in the state. The announcement was made by Alhaji Muhammad K. Dagaceri, the Permanent Secretary, Administration and Finance, Office of the Secretary to the Government of Jigawa State, in a statement released to the press.

The statement confirmed that Governor Umar Namadi had approved the immediate removal of Managing Directors, General Managers, Executive Secretaries, Directors General, Chairmen, and Members of the Board of Agencies and Parastatals, with the exception of Commissions. Notably, Career Executive Secretaries, Managing Directors, Directors General, and General Managers were excluded from the sweeping changes.

The relieved appointees were instructed to hand over any government properties under their possession to the most senior officer in their respective organizations. While the statement did not provide specific reasons for the dismissals, it expressed the governor’s gratitude for the contributions made by the affected individuals and wished them success in their future endeavors.

Governor Namadi’s decision to replace the heads of various government agencies and parastatals demonstrates his commitment to implementing changes and ensuring effective governance in Jigawa State. This move may be seen as part of the governor’s broader strategy to restructure and optimize the functioning of these organizations for the benefit of the state and its residents. The dismissal of incumbent officials opens up opportunities for fresh leadership and new ideas that could potentially lead to improved performance and service delivery in the affected sectors.

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As the vacant positions will need to be filled, it remains to be seen who Governor Namadi will appoint as the new heads of the parastatals. The governor’s choice of individuals for these roles will likely be crucial in determining the future direction and success of these organizations. The public will be eagerly anticipating the appointment of competent leaders who can drive positive change and effectively carry out the state government’s agenda.

Governor Malam Umar Namadi’s decision to dismiss the Board members and heads of MDAs in Jigawa State marks a significant development in the state’s governance landscape. It signals the governor’s resolve to bring about reforms, improve performance, and ensure accountability within the government agencies and parastatals under his jurisdiction.