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Selling in 2022: Real estate sales and lead generation strategy

In today’s real estate market, the cost of land is between the range of 6M and 20M and above

The Real Estate industry is one that is extremely sensitive and people tend to trade with caution, so, how do you get people to trust you enough to actually buy from you?

In today’s real estate market, where the cost of land is between the range of 6M and 20M and above, where and how do you get the right set of people that have that amount to let go.

I hear you thinking Generate Leads; although that might be a good idea, if the right lead generation strategies are not adopted you might end up getting frustrated.

Here are some lead generation strategies to adopt this year;

– Public Relations

– Video Marketing and Advertising

– Thirdparty Newsletter blast

– B2B Affiliate Marketing

Public relations: One of the most vital elements a company should focus on is trust and loyalty. With the right Public Relations strategy, people would willingly give you their contacts and or visit your sites for inspection and with the best salesperson or inspection officer attending to them on-site, you could get a conversion. For large companies, you can sponsor events and ensure that part of your terms of sponsorship would be to get the database of attendees and partners of the events sent to you, and afterward, you do email marketing and or telemarketing.

Video marketing and advertising: We are in an age where our attention span is very low. Reading is a big problem these days, which is why the use of video has grown more and more each day.

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According to Invideo in their recent publication on video marketing statistics; Consumption of online video increased In 2020 by 96%. The prediction of 2022 is that an average person would spend at least 100 minutes per day watching online videos. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (Cisco). In fact, as of January 2018, 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista, 2018).

Video marketing is the future of content not just because of the various statistics but its ability to capture and retain attention, not forgetting its power to move people to action and give more clarity to the message you intend to convey.

Third-party Newsletter blast: Generating your own lead is good, but have you considered that someone out there has the database that you so desperately need?

Here’s an ideal lead circle

– Generate the leads (lead sourcing)

– Qualify the leads

– Follow-up the qualified leads

– Close the deal

– And then over again

Imagine having your product directly at the face of people who are already actively looking for investment opportunities. As a real estate company, you can partner with properly listing sites, media houses among others who are already running email campaigns. An average newsletter blast costs N100,000 per 100,000 emails per day.

B2B affiliate marketing: When developers hear affiliate marketing, the first thing that comes to their mind is Realtors/Real Estate Consultant and I’m sure you just did too, Lol. According to Wikipedia; “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing effort”.

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Well, with B2B affiliate marketing you are partnering with a brand/company that can promote your product or services to the right target audience. That is to say; In B2B affiliate marketing you are partnering with a brand that has what you want (in this case, clients) vice versa.

How then should you use B2B affiliate marketing to boost your lead generation plan? Every business is actively looking for high-quality and extraordinary leads but in this case instead of social media, PR or any other means you are using third-party partners to generate more leads for your business.

The good thing about this is that your affiliates would also be motivated to bring you promising leads because of the reward they are getting which would only come after a desired action has taken place.

– Start with researching who the best affiliates should be, taking into consideration your target audience

– Figure out what the affiliate marketing incentive/program would be

– Ascertain if you have the resources to pull of the program and or have the value your chosen affiliate needs; because why would they actually partner with you if you have nothing to offer them

– Send out your proposals and launch

Another reason to adopt an affiliate marketing strategy is that you’re only paying for conversions; what that means is that you get exactly what you are paying/partnering for.

2022 started with a lot of opportunities for businesses but those opportunities won’t turn to money by themselves. Start planning, start executing, your clients are out there!

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