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INFOSERV to help businesses boost performance with 90-day team productivity accelerator

Richard Solomon, CEO of Infoserv

Following the extension of its international business into Nigeria, INFOSERV People Tech is providing a 90-Day Team Productivity Accelerator for organizations. The accelerator helps teams to boost work productivity through a carefully crafted, customized training and coaching plan that is built on a rigorous diagnostics platform.

An important benefit of the diagnostics process is the ability to pinpoint what brings out the best in each individual and how to engage and retain them. While team members become more aware of themselves, they also learn how to be themselves in their interconnected community. It also equips them with the skills they need to succeed in line with their preferred behavioural styles.

This way, team members are able to improve their performance by learning how to maximize their influence and impact and perform at a high level.

“A recurring feature of this accelerator with teams is the aha experience that is enjoyed when blind spots and limiting mindsets are identified. Individuals readily accept the eye-opener and work to implement corrective way-forward strategies,” says Trevor Smith, chairman and founder, INFOSERV.

Participants in this 90-Day High-Performance Boost learn time-tested principles from industry-experienced consultants that enable them to mentor individual team members to thrive as well as help them avoid things that detract from their performance and engagement.

Team Name and Arrow Maps are among the range of diagnostics which speak volumes about a team’s behavioural preferences and orientation to getting things done. Similarly, the 4 Quadrant Team Map provides clarity as to whether the team as a whole is well suited to function effectively in the current internal and external environments. Responsiveness to change is one key insight.

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Additionally, INFOSERV will be hosting a FREE webinar on June 16, 2021 for business leaders and HR professionals.

By offering profit-boosting technology solutions, this one-hour virtual session aims at helping HR and Business Managers to identify and overcome team underperformance caused by miscommunication, notably in the area of giving and receiving instructions. Re-work and delays take a toll on profitability.

Participants will also better appreciate how behavioural preferences impact interpersonal relationships and frustrate team performance and how toxic environments dampen team member engagement, lead to high turnover and low productivity, and what to do about it.

INFOSERV has invested over 40 years enhancing the productivity of organizations, teams, and individuals. By delivering unparalleled value to clients through innovative technology and learning solutions, their goal is to inspire clients and their team members to reach peak performance.

INFOSERV’s performance enhancement solutions are built on the twin pillars of Technology Deployment and Capacity Development.